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Ivan Carozzi

Ivan Carozzi works in the editorial office of the magazine "Linus" and has written for several newspapers, including "Il Post", where he runs a blog since 2012.
He is the author of Macao, an e-book published in the Zoom series by Feltrinelli. He is the author of a narrative reportage on the novelist Michel Houellebecq and on the Raelian movement, entitled I figli delle stelle, republished in October 2014 by Baldini&Castoldi. From the tumblr "The Italian Game" he drew inspiration and wrote a book, Teneri violenti, released for Einaudi Stile Libero in 2016.
He has worked for a long period of time as a television author, where he continues to work from time to time. His last experience is with the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati and the program "Lessico Famigliare" broadcasted on Rai 3.