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Matteo B. Bianchi

He is a writer, editor and TV author. He published the novels Generations of love (the new edition of which, named Extensions, was released in 2016 by Fandango Editore), Fermati tanto così, Esperimenti di felicità provvisoria, published by Dalai editore and Apocalisse a domicilio by Marsilio.
Together with Giorgio Vasta he edited, for Fandango Libri, the Dizionario affettivo della lingua italiana.
For the radio he wrote the daily show "Dispenser" (Rai Radio 2). For the TV he was one of the authors of "Victor Victoria" (La7), "Quelli che il calcio" (Rai 2) "X Factor / Xtra Factor" (Sky One) and "E poi c'è Cattelan" (Sky Uno) .
He is the editor and runs the fiction online magazine "'tina" for over twenty years and, since 2018, he is also the editor of the podcasts "Esordienti" and "Copertina" on the platform
In 2017 he published his novel Maria Accanto for Fandango and in June 2018 Yoko Ono for the series Incendi published by Add Editore. 


Yoko Ono. Dichiarazione d’amore
ADD, 2018