Translation Rights

Books and projects of Malatesta Literary Agency's clients are translated in over 150 countries.
The MalaTesta Lit. Ag. has a very active International Rights team, representing our authors and clients across all languages, territories and formats, and establishing and developing their literary careers worldwide.
We create strong relationships with our publishing colleagues abroad and work hard to bring in significant rights income for our clients. The agency attends the major international book fairs, while our authors travel widely for the publication and promotion of their international releases.
We work with co-agents in the following territories:
Spain, Portugal and Brasil: The Ella Sher Literary Agency, Barcelona
France, CanadaL'Autre agence, Paris
The Netherlands2 Seas Agency, California
Russia and Ukraine: Elkost international literary agency, Barcelona
TurkeyKalem Agency, Istanbul
Korea: Momo Agency, Geenie Han
JapanTuttle-Mori Agency, Tokyo.
For translation rights enquiries, please contact: