Monica Malatesta and Simone Marchi

Pictures of Monica Malatesta and Simone Marchi

MalaTesta Lit. Ag. was founded in 2013 by Monica Malatesta and Simone Marchi.

Monica Malatesta
Monica was born in Padua, and currently lives in Milan. She has been working as a literary agent for over ten years. She founded MalaTesta Lit. Ag. in 2013, after working for several years at the Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency in Milan.
Simone Marchi
Born in Siena, Simone started out in radio before joining an important literary agency (Grandi & Associati). He works as a literary agent, specialising in the assignment of film and TV rights. After years commuting between Tuscany and Lombardy, in 2015 he returned to Milan, where he currently lives.

Our collaborators:
Renata Petrusheva
Born in Veles, Macedonia in 1982, studied Italian and Serbian language and literature at the University of Skopje and English and Russian language and literature at the University of Milan, where she currently lives. She has worked both in Italy and in Macedonia as a specialized translator, interpreter and teacher. A voracious and passionate reader, she has been collaborating since May 2018 with the MalaTesta Lit. Ag., organizing fairs, translations and foreign rights.
Claudio Ripamonti
Born in Merate (Lecco) in 1994. He graduated in Political Science and has always been a voracious reader. After an enlightening experience as a librarian he enrolled in the Master's Degree in Publishing at the Mondadori Foundation in Milan, where he discovers the existence of literary agencies. He began his collaboration with the MalaTesta Literary Agency in September 2018 and since then he faces the challenges of public transport every day to reach Milan from Brivio, a small town in the province of Lecco, where he lives. In his spare time he's addicted to books, mountains and basketball.
Art direction: Davide Di Gennaro.
Legal advice: lawyer Alessandro Cassigoli.
Translations: Marco Davitti, Valerio Fusi, Lucia Landi, Lise Caillat, Ruth Clarke.
Filippo Petrecca from Digital Distillery and