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Sergio Staino

Sergio Staino, born in 1940 and graduated in Architecture, is one of Italy’s most famous satirical cartoonists. He has penned Bobo, one of the most popular and long-lived comic strip characters. He has worked for television, theatre and cinema. 
In 1979 he published his first panel pages on "linus", directed by Oreste del Buono. In 1982 he began his long adventure with "L'Unità", as a columnist. In 1986 he founded the weekly magazine "Tango", where the best of  theItalian satire was published. He collaborates with the main Italian newspapers and weeklies ("la Repubblica", "Il Venerdì", "L’Espresso"). One of his latest books is Stainoterapia dell'amore (Salani, 2011).
He worked for television ("Drive In", "Teletango", "Cielito Lindo"), for the theater (he conceived and founded the Teatro Puccini-Teatro Stabile della Satira e della Contaminazione dei Generi in Florence and was artistic director of the Estate Fiorentina) and for cinema (he directed ,“Cavalli si nasce”, 1988, with Paolo Hendel and David Riondino, and "Non chiamarmi Omar", 1992, based on a story by Altan).
In 2016 he published with Giunti Alla ricerca della pecora Fassina and in November 2019 Hello Jesus will be released by Giunti also.


Hello Jesus!
Giunti, 2019
Troppo facile dire no
Marsilio Editore, 2017