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Sarah Spinazzola

Sarah was born in Milan in 1983. She has published a number of short stories in the anthology "Scontrini. Racconti in forma d’acquisto" (Baldini Castoldi Dalai, 2004) and "L’accalappiacani" (DeriveApprodi, 2010).
In 2012 she published her debut novel, Il mio regalo sei tu, edited by Marcos y Marcos. She collaborates with the magazine “Rolling Stone” and with “Doppiozero”. In 2018 she released a children’s book entitled Insetto o scherzetto (Rizzoli) and Manuale di sopravvivenza senza genitori (Marcos y Marcos), which will be followed by a second volume in October 2020.


Manuale di sopravvivenza senza genitori
Marcos y Marcos, 2018
Insetto o scherzetto
Rizzoli Ragazzi, 2018