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Enrico Franceschini

Enrico Franceschini, born in Bologna in 1956, journalist and writer, has traveled the world for more than thirty years as a foreign correspondent for the newspaper "la Repubblica", reporting from the New York, Washington, Moscow, Jerusalem and London offices, where he lives since 2003.
With Feltrinelli he has published the novels La donna della piazza Rossa (1994), Amore e guerra (1996), Fuori stagione (2006), Voglio l'America (2009) and L'uomo della Città Vecchia (2013); and the essays Russia, instruzioni per l'uso (1998) and Avevo vent'anni (2007).
With Laterza published Londra Babilonia (2011) and Londra Italia (2016). He also published Wall street, la borsa o la vita (1988) and La rivoluzione di Boris (1992) with Sperling & Kupfer; and I padroni dell'universo (1990) with Bompiani.
His story Roman Holidays was released in Rome Noir (2009), a collection of short stories by Italian writers published in English by Akashic.
He has translated three volumes of poems by Charles Bukowski; the chronicle of his meeting with the American writer in Los Angeles is the introduction to Bukowski's novel Shakespeare non lo ha mai fatto.
In 1993 he received the Premiolino for his report on the attempted putsch in Moscow.
In 2017 he published the novel Scoop with Feltrinelli and Vinca il peggiore with 66thand22nd. 
In 2018 he published his collection of interviews Vivere per scrivere with Laterza and in 2019 he published his latest novel Bassa marea (Rizzoli). In March 2020 he published A Londra con Sherlock Holmes (Giulio Perrone Editore).


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