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Claudia Durastanti

Claudia Durastanti (Brooklyn, 1984) is an Italian-American writer and literary translator based in London.
Her debut novel Un giorno verrò a lanciare sassi alla tua finestra (Marsilio, 2010) won the Mondello Giovani Prize in 2010 and was shortlisted for the John Fante Prize. A Chloe per le ragioni sbagliate (Marsilio, 2013) was shortlisted for the Fiesole Prize.
In 2015, her short story Cleopatra va in prigione was selected for "L’età della febbre", the anthology of Best Italian Writers Under 40 published by minimum fax. The short story was fully developed into a novella, Cleopatra va in prigione (minimum fax, 2016), to be published in the UK by Dedalus in July 2019 and in Israel by Keter.
She was an Italian Fellow in Literature at the American Academy in Rome. In 2017 she started the Festival of Italian Literature in London with fellow writers and journalists based in the UK. Selected publications include "The Serving Library", the "Los Angeles Review of Books", "Nero" and "Rolling Stone".
She has translated Joshua Cohen, Donna Haraway, Ariel Levy and many other authors into Italian.
Her new book La Straniera (La Nave di Teseo, 2019) is being transated in many countries and has been selected finalist at the Premio Strega 2019.
She’s currently a contributor at "la Repubblica".


La straniera
La nave di Teseo, 2019
ִטי ס ַטנ ְ קלאודיה דוָּר
Keter Books, 2019
La fuga, raccolta di racconti
Il Castoro, 2018
Cleopatra va in prigione
minimum fax, 2016
A Chloe, per le ragioni sbagliate
Marsilio, 2013